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Outdoor enthusiasts thinking of trying adventure motorcycling will be inspired, invigorated and informed by this expert manual which covers every aspect of the trip, including practicalities (cost, personal fitness, how long you can be away from home), choosing the right bike, equipment, clothing, legal documentation, riding techniques, maintenance, navigation and emergencies. Whether stranded on a mountainside or dreaming in the armchair, both experienced and would-be adventurers will find this book essential reading.

Planning an individual journey or joining an organised adventure. Customising the motorcycle, fitting and testing accessories and aftermarket equipment. Essential gear - boots to stove, sleeping bag to puncture repair kit. Personal safety. Living on the road, bike maintenance and riding techniques. First-hand tales of adventure motorcycling.

Whether you're an experienced rider seeking adventure or haven't yet secured your motorcycle licence, whether you've done some off-road riding or simply love the idea of an adventure on two wheels, Adventure Motorcycling will provide you with all the necessary information to complete the journey of a lifetime. Adventure Motorcycling covers all the aspects you need to consider before leaving home and once you set off - from choosing the right motorcycle to advice on riding techniques, navigation, budgets, maintenance and life on the road. An indispensable resource written from first-hand experience, Adventure Motorcycling covers three key areas: Preparation - budgets, paperwork, your group, choosing the right motorcycle and deciding on the route. On the road - covers a range of topics including motorcycle maintenance, border crossings, personal health and navigation. Adventures - all with their own geography, budgets, encounters and objectives and the experience of a lifetime. With more than 200 colour photographs from some of the world's greatest adventure rides, Adventure Motorcycling will inspire, enthuse, invigorate and enable everyone - expert and novice alike - to undertake a motorcycle adventure with confidence.
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