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This book is the definitive guide to keeping an adventure motorcycle running in the way it should. Written for the rider who wants to be self-reliant while on the road, the book takes the reader through a series of practical, hands-on techniques and procedures. In the classic Haynes style, the book uses picture-led chapters and clear step-by-step instructions to demonstrate the skills needed for basic maintenance both at home and on the trail.

In the workshop: layout, lighting, equipment and special tools.

Basic maintenance: lubrication systems, fuelling, wheels and tyres, brakes, transmission.

Tour preparation: accessorising, spares, chassis, engine, wheels, electrical, toolkit.

Roadside maintenance: emergency repairs, punctures, crash damage, electrical damage, pitfalls.

Bike-specific issues: dealer recalls, safety.

Real world rescues: examples of how a few basic skills can save a tour from disaster.

The Adventure Motorcycle Maintenance Manual, the fifth book in Haynes’ acclaimed adventure motorcycling series, brings a new level of wisdom to a subject that many would-be adventurers neglect, misunderstand or disregard because it is simply 'too technical’. Based on the author’s years of experience and numerous adventures, it is written with a clarity and sense of purpose that make adventure motorcycle preparation and maintenance interesting, engaging and understandable.

Embarking on an adventure ride is a substantial undertaking and you - and your motorcycle - need to be not only properly prepared before you set out but also equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to make running repairs on your trip. The aim of this book is to provide that understanding of maintenance techniques and procedures so that you leave home well prepared and as self-sufficient as possible for life on the trail.

Presented as step-by-step instructions in time-honoured Haynes style, essential servicing procedures are outlined in a combination of generic and bike-specific sequences, the topics ranging from oil and filter changes to replacement of drive chains and wheel bearings.

In a section about accessories and upgrades, physical protection for your motorcycle - including adding guards for sump, headlight, engine and radiator - is covered at length, along with detailed guidance on fitting general modifications such as a chain oiler, fuel filter, auxiliary power socket and side-stand base extension. Other aspects of tour preparation include checks of every area of your motorcycle for condition and fitness for purpose, the tools and spares to take with you, and discussion about tyre choice and suspension set-up.

Finally, coverage of roadside maintenance and repairs focuses on the 'top ten? problems likely to be encountered when on a trip and quite possibly far from expert help: crash damage, electrical pitfalls, starting problems, supporting the bike, removing wheels, punctures, wheel bearing failure, brake pad failure, chain damage and overheating.

The Adventure Motorcycle Maintenance Manual provides a wealth of invaluable information that will help any intrepid adventurer make the most of a trip of a lifetime. 
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