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AutorBob Jex, Emmeline Willmott


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Format270x210 mm

Rok wydania2004


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Poradnik wydawnictwa Haynes Publishing
Autor: Bob Jex, Emmeline Willmott

Ta książka przeznaczona jest dla miłośników i entuzjastów motoryzacji. W szczególności zainteresuje ona właścicieli, miłośników modyfikacji oraz tunerów samochodów marki Fiat Punto.

Oferowana książka wydana jest w języku angielskim (niedostępna w polskiej wersji językowej).


Kup Teraz! Książka Haynes Extreme Fiat Punto - polecamy!

Haynes Extreme
series of car-modifying manuals

A highly successful series of modifying manuals from the biggest name in automotive publishing. The latest titles include new editions of the manuals for the Ford Focus, Peugeot 106 and Peugeot 206.

Car DIY has never been entirely straightforward but, for the last forty years, Haynes manuals have always been there, packed with good, solid, practical help and advice. With such an enviable reputation for producing clearly explained, step-by-step guides for most current cars, it was only a matter of time before Haynes became involved with the modified car scene. With their inimitable no-nonsense approach, Haynes purchase suitable models, then thoroughly log and check the process of modifying.

Mod it!
With kit these days being sourced from around the globe to satisfy the fashion-conscious consumer, instructions are sometimes either lacking, completely inaccurate, or even downright misleading. As the work progressed, the preparation of this series of dedicated manuals became more and more justified. Having sought advice from many experts throughout the modifying scene on what to buy, make, fit and test, we are confident that these car modifying manuals will prove invaluable to modifiers of the car models covered. Not that everyone else should feel left out, because there are universal manuals for all owners - for Modifying, for Performance and even an ICE manual for those whose interests are more entertainment centred.

The wide variety of easy-to-follow modifications included in the manuals ranges from the simplest to more technically demanding projects. 

  • Body styling - grilles, wings and splitters, mirrors, debadging and spraying
  • Lights - bulbs, fogs, spots and rear light clusters
  • Security - avoiding trouble, fitting alarms and armour door plates
  • The Law - what's legal (and what's tolerated); speed cameras and radar detectors
  • Suspension - lowering, kits, struts and coilovers
  • Brakes - discs, pads, painting calipers and drums
  • Interior - painting, filming, gear knobs, dials, pedalling, neons and harnesses
  • ICE - head units, speakers, woofers, amps and wiring
  • Engines - improving performance, replacing, filters, induction kits, bonnet lifters, braided hoses and leads
  • Exhausts - fitting a back box

All the information, illustrations and practical advice contained within these manuals has been compiled by a dedicated team of Haynes technical authors and engineers from first-hand practical experience working on the actual cars in a project workshop. 

Haynes Extreme Fiat Punto 
By: Bob Jex and Emmeline Willmott

The Fiat Punto is distinctively Italian with subtle design cues that set it apart from other superminis, suggesting that the manufacturer has mastered the sleek Euro look perfectly. The modifier can only enhance this look with a huge range of aftermarket modifying products designed especially for the Punto, that are easy to obtain. But what if you should run into problems when creating the car of your dreams ? ill-fitting kit, no instructions? Well, Haynes are here to help at every stage of your car?s transformation with the full colour Haynes Extreme guide to DIY modifying ? everything you need to know, under one cover..

Hardback, 270 x 210mm, 208 pages, approx 1000 colour illustrations

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